Central America

Central America is a region in North America. It connects Northern America and South America, and is bordered by the Caribbean on the east. It has a population of about 41.7 million.


As defined by the United Nations Statistic Division, the countries in Central America are as follows:

Spanking in Central AmericaEdit

Judicial corporal punishment (JCP), at national level, does not exist in nearly all of Central America. Belize, a former British colony, had official prison flogging on its statute book but JCP is unheard of.[1] A report by the Global Initiative to End All Corporal Punishment of Children (GITEACPOC) says that JCP has been outlawed in Belize since at least 1993.[2]

Corporal punishment does not exist in Ecuador, but the constitution allows indigenous communities to follow traditional forms of justice, including whipping, along with public humiliations such as being drenched in cold water, paraded about in underwear, and beaten with nettles. When whipping takes place it often seems to be for robbers and thieves, and is usually, but not always, applied to the offender's buttocks.[3]

A 1996 treaty in Guatemala allows local indigenous tribes to apply customary punishments to their own people for certain crimes, even if these would otherwise be contrary to the national law.[4] An example of this was seen in April 2006, when four Mayan youths were ordered by local elders to be publicly spanked by their parents, as shown in this video clip. A May 2006 news report also showed a photo of a young man showing the scars on his back after receiving 75 strokes with peach tree branches on the orders of local leaders following a public debate among the Kaqchitel people of his village. He was punished for carrying firearms and attempted kidnapping.[5]

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