A pair of cherries.

A cherry is a fleshy fruit that contains a single stony seed. The cherry belongs to the family Rosaceae, genus Prunus, along with almonds, peaches, plums, apricots and bird cherries. The subgenus, Cerasus, is distinguished by having the flowers in small corymbs of several together (not singly, nor in racemes), and by having a smooth fruit with only a weak groove or none along one side. The subgenus is native to the temperate regions of the Northern Hemisphere, with two species in America, three in Europe, and the remainder in Asia. The word "cherry" comes from the French word "cerise," which comes in turn from the Latin words cerasum and Cerasus.


"Cherry" is also a popular word in the spanking scene because it symbolizes deep red color - see redness for more on this topic.

"The Cherry Red Report" is a spanking blog covering many spanking-related topics.

Spanking actressesEdit

Cherry is the pseudonym of a spanking actress who stars in spanking videos produced by Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment.

Cherry Torn is the stage-name of a fetish/porn actress, model, and professional dominant who has also worked for Chelsea Pfeiffer Entertainment and Kink.com.

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