Human male chest.

The chest is the front of the torso between the neck and the abdomen, along with its internal organs and other contents. It is mostly protected and supported by the ribcage, spine, and shoulder girdle.

Flogging the chestEdit

In BDSM, the bottom's chest can be flogged with a variety of implements, e.g. a flogger, belt or crop. Restraining the arms overhead is common to prevent the bottom from covering the chest. The chest is sensitive and a common warm up area. Proper flogging of the chest typically arouses the nipples in both sexes.

Chest flagellants find differing levels of terror and arousal in the act. A woman may find it a devotional act to have her nipples warmed. Male flagellants can find such floggings a manly trial. Chest flogging may be combined with flogging the entire front of the torso and thighs. A gag may be used to instill fright.

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