Spanking in children's literature

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Illustration from the German children's book Die Struwwel-Liese (1890).
An anthropomorphic dog spanking his puppies.

Spanking in children's literature is found relatively often, probably because spanking is something children can relate to easily.

In children's literature, various kinds of spanking are found, such as the spanking of children (or childlike anthropomorphic animals) for punishment at home and school, and the spanking of adult characters for humour. Spanking can be portrayed as cruel, beneficial, or fun, depending on the circumstances.

Children's books are also rich sources of spanking illustrations.

Children's literature also includes picture stories, comics and manga. See Spanking in comics and Spanking in manga for these.


Memories of spankophilesEdit

Many spankophiles remember how vividly they responded to the first spanking scenes they encountered as children in books, comics, or manga, and how these were food for their childhood thoughts and fantasies about spanking. Spankophiles may remember having experienced shock, dread and/or fascination from spanking scenes in children's literature, and possibly prepubescent or pubescent sexual arousal.

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