Clare Fonda

Public spanking of Clare Fonda in Amsterdam by Stephanie Locke.

Clare Fonda (born 1968), real name Jamie Foster, is an American spanking actress who lives in California and runs her own spanking company, Clare Fonda Productions. She directs, produces, and performs in many of her own videos (as spanker and spankee) and has worked as an actress for numerous spanking and pornographic producers. She posts interview clips with actresses she works with on YouTube under the alias fondaclare and claresan. As Jamie Foster she also appears on the 40Something pornography site.

Fonda manages several separate production companies. Each has its own website and produces a specific line of full-length videos and short downloadable clips. For example, My Spanking Roommate is a site that features a reality-style soap opera with continuing stories and a cast of over 30 actors.

She is a good friend of Chelsea Pfeiffer. Together they have co-produced several "switch" videos in which they take turns punishing each other.


Bobbie's DropSeatsEdit

  • Auntie's Rules
  • Disciplined by Her Mother-In-Law
  • Forgery and Truancy (Chelsea Pfeiffer)

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Pay per view theatre: Spank Girls CinemaEdit

SGC #1 to SGC #10Edit
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Shadow LaneEdit

Clip of actresses from Exclusive Education 3.
  • Careless Lips - Eve Howard mouthsoaps Clare
  • She Spanked Her Niece! - Eve Howard punishes Clare Fonda

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Below are some free preview clips posted by Fonda from her Girl Spanks Girl line of videos as well as a femdom scene from


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