Former Little League Coach Arrested for Inappropriate Spankings (Mar 9, 2015).

In sports, a coach is a person involved in the direction, instruction and training of a sports team or individual competitor. A coach may also be a physical education (P.E.) teacher. Coaches work for sports clubs, schools, and as personal trainers for professional as well as amateur athletes.

Coaches and PE teachersEdit

It is common for a PE teacher and the major sports team coach to be the same person, but in British schools the person is hired more to be the teacher with a secondary job of the being the First XV rugby coach, whereas in American high schools they are hired mostly to be the Football coach and teach gym class (a.k.a. Phys Ed) as a side job. Therefore Americans tend to call PE teachers "coach" in general, while other English speaking countries do not.

Coaches and spankingEdit

The coach uses a paddle to motivate her team. Artwork by Wolfheart (2020).
Artwork by Euticus (2016).


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M/M drawing by Copper.


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M/m drawing by Franco.

As sports requires discipline to achieve best performances, coaches are expected to act in some ways as disciplinarians too, much like teachers, but possibly on a more physical level due to the more physical education they give.

In settings where school teachers have the right to use corporal punishment on their students, PE teachers/coaches can have the same rights on the children and adolescents they train. In schools that gradually move away from using corporal punishment, the PE teacher or coach is often the last teacher to give it up, and other teachers sometimes send them their disciplinary cases. Still, coaches who spank their charges are mostly found not in real life but in spanking fiction, which includes spanking stories, spanking art and spanking videos. Coaches are also sometimes assumed roles in spanking roleplay.

Coaches are often but not always male, and their trainees can be of any age and gender. Coaches who spank attractive, athletic males are often found in M/M typically in gay BDSM media. But coaches are also sometimes found in F/F and M/F pairings, such as a cheerleader (or a group of cheerleaders) spanked by their coach.

The locations for such spankings can be for example an outdoor playing field, a gym, a locker room, or showers. The setting allows for sports equipment (such as a vaulting-buck), sportswear (or nudity) in a gym setting, or gymnastics exercises to be used in the spankings. A possible sports-related spanking implement is a plimsoll or a modern training shoe. Clothes worn by the spankees include gym shorts, singlets, jockstraps or swimwear in the case of watersports, but sports related scenarios also provide opportunities for naked or bare-bottomed spankings.

Coaches too often wear some kind of sports related clothing or uniform, but not generally identical to that worn by their trainees. They sometimes have a whistle as a tool of their trade.

A spanking artist who draws a lot of spankings by coaches is Copper. Others include Comixpank, Franco, and C. of Sweden.

Cheerleader Autopsy (2003), is a low-budget horror film in which a coach paddles several of his cheerleaders in one scene.

Coaches in spanking videosEdit

Fetish films often depict coaches as strict disciplinarians, primarily in high school and college stories with a sports theme. The majority are female (in F/F and F/M scenarios), but male coaches also appear in M/F and M/M stories. Typically, nubile cheerleaders or schoolgirls are punished (via cane, strap, school paddle, etc.) in gym class or the coach's office for some infraction or poor performance. There are also stories involving personal trainers, summer camp or military boot camp (see the Russian site Lesbian Army). Some titles feature a role reversal plot twist where a female coach is forced to submit to punishment by her employer (school principal, headmaster, college dean, etc.), vengeful students, or angry parents.

Humiliating physical exercises are sometimes part of the punishment sessions. The Russian spanking video producer Special Exercises (website) concentrates on this subject. Nude female trainees and submissive slaves are disciplined while forced to perform gymnastics and other forms of physical training.

Coaches outside sportsEdit

Coaching concepts are also found outside sports such as a personal fitness trainer. A homework coach is a category of tutor whose mission is to help a student's overall academic success, as opposed to providing remedial instruction in a specific subject. A life coach helps people identify and achieve personal goals. A dating coach helps clients improve their success in dating and relationships.

Examples in spanking videos:

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