Collegegirl is a spanking story series by Lurking Dragon, originally published in 1999. It consists of eleven stories, some of which were originally posted in multiple parts.


Spoiler warning

The story is set in 1971 at a large college in the midwestern United States. Mary, a nine-year-old prodigy girl, becomes the roommate of twenty-year-old Junior student Heather Williams. Due to Mary's young age, her parents ask Heather to become Mary's substitute parent. They ask Heather to discipline Mary whenever needed and give her full permission and encouragement to "paddle her rear end".


  1. My New Roomie (F/f)
  2. Getting to Know You (F/f)
  3. The English Paper (F/f)
  4. Bicycle (F/f)
  5. Flu
  6. No! Mary! Jane! (F/f, M/F)
  7. A New Year (Implied MF/f, FM/m)
  8. Peeping Toms (F/f, Implied F/M)
  9. Spring Break (F/f, M/f, M/F)
  10. Protests and Promises (F/f)
  11. Everything Changes (F/f)