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An order or command is a directive given by an authority that must be obeyed.

Orders are important in the military, but are also found in other areas of life where there are directives given that must be followed. Usually the term order implies strictness (an authoritarian regime) and punitive consequences if the order is not obeyed.

An order can refer to either something that must be done (e.g. "Make up the room"), or to something that must not be done (e.g. "Don't smoke in here").

Famous orders in spanking literature and roleplayEdit

From the series "After Curfew" by Salalo (2013).

The following is a list of simple, short instructions that you'll often encounter in spanking stories. They can also be put to good use in spanking roleplay. (Add new entries in alphabetic order.)


  • order
  • command
  • commandment
  • directive
  • instruction
  • briefing
  • decree
  • regulation
  • rule
  • rule of conduct
  • writ

Other meaningsEdit

"Order" can also refer to:

  • the contrary of chaos or disorder
  • a religious order
  • the term "order" in biological taxonomy
  • social order
  • various terms called "order" in mathematics

"Command" can also refer to:

  • a command in computer programming
  • in language, the imperative