CopyKats is an artist who creates rendered spanking art with DAZ Studio.

All characters are posed and rendered in Daz Studio. Settings and props (rooms, furniture etc.) are either sourced from free 3D sites or created by CopyKats in Wings (which is, like Daz, freeware).

Most of CopyKats' art is F/f, f/f and Machine/f. He has been fascinated by the idea of machines, and particularly the notion of what might have been if modern technology and old-fashioned attitudes to punishment had coincided. Following that thought through, he has created a few ideas for spanking machines in his 3D work. He has also used Daz Studio to explore 3D spanking animations.

In real life, CopyKats does not condone physical punishment of minors. Many of his renderings, particularly f/f, are intended to be of spanking games, similar to those of writers like Daria Little.


Renders from 2018Edit

In this series, CopyKats rendered what a spankophile child might imagine while playing with her dolls.

In detention and getting the ruler...

Spankophile girls dreaming about being spanked by a teddy:

Older rendersEdit

Some of these feature earlier characters CopyKats lost when his old computer gave up. 'Amy' who is a standard Daz character, appears on old and new renders. The girls are based on the Daz Millenium Pre-teen character.

Cartoon GalleryEdit

These cartoons are created using Daz 3d characters and the cartoon render engine included as part of the Daz software. The renders are put together in Adobe Illustrator.


This is CopyKats's first attempt at a spanking machine. Earlier art and many cartoons depict a machine as some kind of wheel, the motion of the wheel bringing the spanking implement across the bottom. CopyKats uses another idea, also used in the real life Robospanker, which is the use of a motor to pull back an arm in tension on a spring. In addition, this machine features 'barriers' across the back and legs to prevent the spankee from moving, rather than using shackles, which seemed inappropriate for what was intended to be a household device.

CopyKats' second attempt at a machine was based on the idea of a household device intended for the spanking discipline of children. The idea was that the machine, when not in use, would be housed in a standard size cabinet - the same size as a dishwasher or washing machine (600 mm × 600 mm (24″ × 24″) base and 1,000 mm (39 ″) high). The machine opens at the front to reveal a bench, handlebars and a paddle arm. In the most recent model, the handlebars hold a device about the same size as a smart phone, and this is used to control the machine. The handlebars also have buttons in the grips which must be held in during a session (thus preventing the child moving her hands behind her). Standing or bending positions are possible and there are several different paddles.

The following is a 3D rendered version of a real spanking machine, available for purchase.