Corset fetishism

Woman sitting on a barstool wearing only a corset and overknee boots. Photo by Yva Richard (c. 1920s-1930s).

Corset fetishism is a fetishistic interest in corsets and tightlacing. The majority of tightlacers are women, although some men also tightlace extensively.

Corset fetishism and BDSMEdit

Corset fetishism is often found in combination with BDSM interests. Corsets are worn both by dominants and submissives. In both cases they are worn to improve the wearer's figure and to make them feel and look more sexy. Corsets can draw attention to the waist as well as to the parts of the body on "both ends of the tube": the breasts (for females) and the genital area and buttocks (for both genders).

Corsets can also worn as protections for the (lower and middle) back and kidney area during spanking and flogging play.

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