Crèche or daycare are locations to look after children while their parents are busy. Crèches may include preschool programs, however are structured without the expectation that the child will be there every (week)day; even if family schedules will result in regular days for the some of the participants.

A crèche is typically a private business either specialized in childcare or services provided for the convenience of parents — for example, services provided by employers or schools for adult learning. While most children that use a crèche will be from infants to pre-schoolers in age, a crèche can also cater to any minor who is considered too young to be left unattended for hours at a time, so will often be attended by schoolchildren on school holidays that the parents do no share. Or as after school program to provide supervision between end of school hours to the end of work hours.

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Discipline ZoneEdit

In the Rejuve Universe by Lurking Dragon (and others) there is a chain of crèches called Discipline Zone (sometimes called the DZ) that set up shop in P-rated malls. Their business model is to provide a place where parents of rejuves can have their children minded while they shop. As its name suggests, Discipline Zone is primary focused on the special needs of Penitatas, though other rejuve types can also stay. While they are not subject to all the activities a penny might expect, they are still subject to the crèche's strict rules. As such, many might prefer the boredom of accompanying their parents shopping to playing under such strict supervision.

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