Crotchless clothing

A man in a black angel costume with a chain and crotchless pants, at CSD 2011 in Munich.

Crotchless clothing is clothing that covers the hips area but has a hole, slit, or other opening at the crotch. When no other underwear is worn under crotchless clothing, this opening allows access to the genitals without a need to take off the garment, and also facilitates toilet use. Examples of such clothing are crotchless catsuits, crotchless tights, crotchless leotards and crotchless panties.

Open drawers of the 1900s and slit pants as worn by toddlers in China are examples of "mainstream" crotchless clothing. Apart from these cases, crotchless clothing is mostly worn today for kinky sexual play, and is sold by suppliers of fetish clothing and BDSM wear.

Chaps can also be used as a pervertible for crotchless clothing when they are worn with no pants or briefs underneath. This type of crotchless pants is popular in the gay and leather scene.


There is also clothing with a zipper access at the crotch, or with a butt flap at the buttocks.

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