Pergola by Danilo.

Danilo, also known as Danhang, is an Italian spanking artist and webmaster of the website Italian Spanking Art Pages that exhibits, among other works, Danilo's original spanking artwork. The co-editor of the site is Paolo who created the texts of the stories.

Danilo's images are erotic M/F and F/F 'spanking fakes' who are based on fine art (mainly oil paintings). The results are digitally created works of fine art that show woman spanking art scenes.

Born in the middle of Italy, surrounded by huge "beauty" and landscapes, Danilo says he inherited a predisposition for aesthetics. His sexual obsession is spanking, and in his art he tries to combine the two together, the "aesthetic" and the spanking.

In 2011, Danilo started sharing some of his artwork on the Spanking Art wiki.

Creative processEdit

Danilo uses Photoshop to transform non-spanking artworks into a pieces of spanking art. This usually involves adding figures and changing existing figures to become involved in a spanking scene, while preserving the lighting, colours, textures and mood of the original image to make the edits look as seamless and natural as possible. This is a difficult task because, to name just two challenges, viewing angles of two or more figures will normally not match, and light and shadow of image material from two different sources will usually differ.

Here is an example of an original painted background and Danilo's modification:

Variations on a themeEdit

The mission of this type of digital work (- spanking fakes -) is to change the atmosphere to a painting that already exists. Change the mood in such a way that the situational ( and therefore the picture itself ) become another thing. The changes are so profound that, they have almost no connection with the 'original. The characters and objects are used as if they were notes on a keyboard. By changing the placement and intensity will change the melody el 'expression, and then the song. This somehow brings us closer to "art", and makes personal the "fakes"

After Spankart showed Danilo links related to the English painter Marcus Stone (1840 – 1921), Danilo saw a picture that was calling him. "It seemed that the woman shouted at me ... spanks me, spanking me, spanking me. Well I have listened e. .. like a symphony, I made ​​some variations on the theme. :-)

The picture was this."

"It seemed easy to me and we are plunged headlong. But the location ( of woman) left little room for change. has come out only this."

"But it was little erotic. almost chaste. :-) need more space and more characters."

"But it could also be "a whole another story" "