Monsieur Duvinçon (1999)

Davcha is a contemporary French spanking artist who draws spanking scenes of young boys (M/m, F/m).

The spankingsEdit

The punished boys in Davcha's drawings are between 10 and 16 years old and are generally given corrections on their bare bottoms, sometimes also on their clothed bottoms or their bare thighs. The boys always wear very short shorts which are, in the case of bare-bottom punishment, lowered to their ankles or removed for their punishments. The implement used is generally the martinet, but Davcha also draws spankings by hand, with a switch, a rattan cane, a riding crop, a ruler, a belt, or with spanking machines. Some boys also get their ears pulled.

His scenes show one or more boys who are corrected in their daily lives, either by a male or female adult, or by another adolescent boy or girl, sometimes with spectators watching the scene—adults, children, or even... a cat. They include, in settings from the 1950s to 1960s, fathers and sons, teachers and students, priests and altar boys, grandparents and grandsons, big sisters and brothers, girls and their classmates, and boy's games. The drawings are often accompanied by balloons in French, giving them a humorous spirit.

His styleEdit

For Davcha, spankings are never associated with sadness or maltreatment, but are an inevitable outcome for urchins in need of discipline, or even an achievement for boys in search of thrills. So far, Davcha has over 175 drawings to his credit, not counting some variants.

His first drawing, entitled "Monsieur Duvinçon", is from 1999 and the artist still draws to this day. His style is easily recognizable since his first works, with characters in gangly, oversized outlines. They are always drawn in medium long shot, i.e. from head to foot, with little depth of field. His precision and compliance with human body proportions has evolved over time. The artist draws everything in pencil on A4 paper, then uses image editing software for colorization and arrangement. However, in his latest drawings, some characters are duplicated via the technique of copy and paste.