Dave Ell

Spanking schoolgirl cartoons by Dave Ell.

Dave Ell (or David Ell) is a professional cartoonist from the UK currently residing in Thailand. His works have appeared in multiple tabloids. He sells prints of his art and also takes commissions.

Dave Ell's spanking art is featured on various websites.

Sammy SimpkinsEdit

Sammy Simpkins is a blonde teenage girl who is often naughty and ends up getting spanked by various disciplinarians, but she seems to enjoy it. The full series can be obtained in high gloss picture postcards from the artist.

The Woody Back to School UnitEdit

The Woody Back to School Unit is adult fiction by R Humphries, who commissions Dave Ell to produce the artwork. The stories are based upon the real-life fantasy games played by the author, R Humphries and his wife Jojo. For a gallery of images, see the article R Humphries.


The making of a cartoonEdit

This is a progessive show of how Dave Ell composes a cartoon from initial draft through colour then captions.

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