Dawn Deacon

Dawn Deacon is a British spanking actress, active in the 1990s and 2000s. A full-bottomed brunette with a West Country accent, she usually played women rather than girls.

Dawn Deacon first won acclaim as a spanking model in the early 1990s with appearances in Cul d'Or. She also featured in photo-sets and three related audio tapes (Dawn Deacon meets Miss Prim, Girls’ School and Dawn and Angela – Again!).

Three Red Stripe releases in 1999 established her as an actress in spankee and switch roles. Most of her work was then for Sting in the Tail Productions. Latterly, with her hair darker and straighter, she took dominant parts for the Spank Christina website.


  • Dawn Deacon’s 2,000 Strokes Challenge (Sting in the Tail)
  • Happy Birthday (Spank Christina)
  • The Headmaster’s New Mercedes (Sting in the Tail 2003), as Miss Watson, with Christina Lee
  • Isn’t All Bar Work the Same? (Sting in the Tail) as Pat, with Christina Lee
  • It’s Your Responsibility (Red Stripe, 1999), as Mrs Hunter-Forbes, with Miss Chambers
  • Like Mother, Like Daughter (Red Stripe, 1999), as Mrs Hunter-Forbes, with Catherine Corbett & Miss Chambers
  • Matron Had the Vapours! (Sting in the Tail), as Miss Taylor
  • My Spiteful Sister (Christina Productions), as the manageress, with Miss Lina and Christina Lee
  • Nurse in Trouble (Spank Christina), with Christina Lee
  • Red Rolls Royce (Red Stripe, 1999), as Mrs Hunter-Forbes
  • The Shoplifter (Spank Christina), as policewoman, with Christina Lee
  • Teacher Taught (Sting in the Tail), as Miss Taylor
  • Teacher Taught Again (Sting in the Tail, 2001), as Miss Taylor
  • The Waitress (Spank Christina), with Christina Lee & Miss Lina
  • The Workout (Spank Christina), with Christina Lee
  • You Should Be Expelled (Sting in the Tail, 2000), as Miss Taylor