A demerit is a negative point given to a student as a penalty for misconduct or deficiency. Infractions include disobeying school rules, dress code violations, truancy, being repeatedly tardy, vandalism of school property, failing to complete assignments, fighting with other students, and being disrespectful to teachers or disruptive in the classroom.

The accumulation of demerits can lead to prescribed disciplinary actions such as detention, writing lines, suspension, and even expulsion. The use of school corporal punishment as a penalty for demerits was once common, but is now fairly rare. In some cases a student is given the option of a paddling or caning instead of detention or suspension.

For example, in the reality TV series The Principal's Office (2008), male and female students in Booneville High School, Arkansas, agree to a paddling for a reduced detention period.

This scenario is also used in spanking videos such as Paddled or Suspended? (, with Adriana Evans, (photos).

Spanking videosEdit

As seen in the list below, in the fictional realm of school-based spanking videos, punishments earned by demerits is a frequently used plot device.

  • Brandi's Cheerleading Strapping (RealStrappings), Brandi, photos
  • Caned for Demerits (Women-Spanking-Men, 2006)
  • Jasmine Spanked with the Demerit Paddle (BiSpanking), coach, photos
  • Jenna's Meeting with Ms. Burns (RealStrappings), photos
  • Monica's Office Paddling (RealSpankings Institute, 2007), photos

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