Derriere (magazine)

Note: This article is about a magazine. For other meanings, see buttocks.

Derriere is a British spanking magazine published in two short series in 1979 and 1981. Each issue comprised 64 pages, 8 of them in colour. It was very closely associated with the better-known Janus and never developed a distinct character of its own.

First SeriesEdit

Derriere was launched in 1979 as a companion to Janus. The cover of the first issue showed a close-up photograph of a woman’s naked bottom with the caption ‘Bare Bottoms, Spanked Bottoms, Beautiful Bottoms’ and the opening article was a non-fiction piece on ‘the English Vice’ under the title ‘Slap Happy’.

An editorial in issue #2 expressed an ambition to become ‘the best bottom-orientated magazine on the market’ and asked readers to submit authentic letters about spanking to its ‘Points of View’ section. The magazine contained a selection of short stories and photographs, artwork by C.P. Proctor, G.E. Wheels, and Dave Carney, and a vintage photography feature entitled ‘Spanking Pictures of Yesteryear’.

This first series of Derriere was published by Stop-Press Press of 25 Bedford Row, London. There were four issues, priced at £1.75 each. They are distinguishable by the italic font used on the masthead.

Second SeriesEdit

The magazine was revived in 1981 as The New Derriere, with the strapline ‘Spanking in fact- fiction-fantasy and fun’. Its masthead was now in Roman letters and a text-box on the first two covers said ‘Produced by the same editorial staff and team who devised Janus’. Publication of Janus had been halted by a dispute following its acquisition by Gatisle Ltd. from Woodheath Ltd. following the death of Alan Van Okker. An editorial in the debut issue of The New Derriere complained that ‘the tycoons have taken over Janus magazine and apparently propose to run it in future with an entirely new managerial and editorial staff’; the existing staff were therefore ‘extending Derriere, of which we have published a few numbers in the past, into the New Derriere, which we hope will continue to do what we have always done’. Others saw this as a coup by the writing staff against the new owners of Janus.

The first four editions were published by Stop-Press Press of 22 Charlton Kings Road, London, and the next two by Alstar Ltd. of 15 Pembroke Road, Bristol. Volume numbering was dropped after three issues and the title altered slightly from The New Derriere to New Derriere. The price was £2.50.

In everything other than its title, New Derriere was indistinguishable from Janus, containing the same blend of illustrations, short stories, articles, and verse. The chatty monthly column by Miranda, supposedly the magazine’s secretary, carried on from the earlier magazine, though her name changed to Sally in issue #5. George Harrison Marks was responsible for most of the photographic content. His unnamed models included Zena Whitehouse, Vicki Scott (both in issue #2), and Cindy Flapper (#4 & #5). Short stories were supplied by John D. Spencer, Tom Horner, John Hereford, Mark Howarth, Howard Tanner, William Bailey, Dorothy Davies, Laura Lee, Sandra Comber, Linda O’Brian, Tara Franklin, Roger Ladon, and David Anderson. James Kenway contributed further installments of a fictional series about a character called Tanya Hyde. Laura Wells, described as the magazine’s Asia correspondent, wrote about sex and spanking in Japan. The third issue ran a feature on The Prefect's Lesson, the first British spanking film with sound. This issue also contained a whimsical dialogue between Bottom and Strap, ending in mutual declarations of love.

New Derriere ceased publication after six months when Janus resumed production with its pre-existing editorial staff following a resolution of the dispute. In effect, as far readers were concerned, Janus had simply used a different title for six issues.

Unrelated mainstream adult periodicalEdit

The spanking magazine Derriere should not be confused with a mainstream British adult periodical of the same name published by Gold Star Publications c.1994-2000.