Diaper fetishism

An adult male diaper fetishist.

Diaper fetishism is a form of sexual fetishism in which a person is sexually aroused by wearing diapers like a baby. People who like to wear diapers are often called Diaper Lovers (DL).

Diaper fetishism overlaps with, but is not identical to the Adult Baby (AB) fetish in which an adult re-enacts age regression. Diaper play can involve ageplay, but this is not necessarily a requirement. Diaper fetishism often comes combined with other paraphilia such as medical fetishism (e.g. a liking for getting enemas or rectal temperature taking) or spanking fetishism (see below).

Besides the diapers, popular props are all those used in the diapering of babies, such as baby oil or talcum powder. Oversized "baby clothing" can be used in this paraphilia as fetish clothing, and other "baby props" such as toys or pacifiers might be used in such roleplaying games as well.

Diaper and spanking fetishismEdit

It is not uncommon to find a (passive) spanking fetishism and a diaper fetishism combined in one person. Such a person usually likes to get a bare bottom spanking, followed by being put in diapers (and perhaps, to bed).

There are different approaches that can be used to make this combination plausible:

  • First, the spankee plays the role of a baby or toddler (or other person who has no sufficient bladder control) and therefore still needs diapers - the act of diapering is thus an act of parental love and care and is not punitive in nature.
  • Second, the punitive approach: the spankee plays the role of an older child or adult, and the diaper is given to humiliate and thus to further punish the spankee. The underlying idea and message is: "you act like a baby, so you will be treated like one". This case is called Diaper Discipline or Diaper Domination (age role depending).
  • A third approach is to put the spankee in diapers to prevent him/her from rubbing his/her bottom after a spanking. A diaper instead of underwear can also be useful after lotion has been put on the bottom.

The artist Barbara O'Toole has published several femdom illustrations on her website Bittersweet Pictures that combine spanking with diapering and other fetishes such as (forced) cross-dressing.

The spanking actress and model Adriana Evans is also a diaper lover.

In popular cultureEdit

Australian actor Hugh Jackman, known for playing Wolverine in the X-Men movies, has expressed an interest in diaper fetishism; he joked in an interview that he likes "dressing in diapers and shitting in them" before clarifying, "well, I'm not into that. I just happen to know a lot about it. Ha, ha!"[1] English actor Sean Bean has admitted that he likes wearing diapers for recreational purposes, claiming "I've worn a nappy to a bar before, but only the towelling ones. I find disposables like Pampers tend to chafe."[2][3] U.S. Senator David Vitter, who controversially admitted to visiting prostitutes in July 2007, is widely reported to have a fetish for diapers.[4][5][6][7]

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