Disciplinary Arts

Disciplinary Arts is a producer of M/F and F/F spanking videos based in California. Created in 2011 by spanking actress Stevie Rose and play-partner Kyle Johnson, the company is managed by Johnson (who performs as a disciplinarian in many titles) and actress Kat St. James.

Style and contentEdit

Disciplinary Arts produces severe punishment spanking videos with emphasis on realistic domestic scenarios, over-the-knee positioning and traditional implements (hairbrush, bath brush, paddles, belt, and strap).

Most of the M/F punishments are administered by Johnson. About one-fourth of the videos feature F/F pairings. Kat St. James appears in many titles in the role of spankee. Her real-life stepsister Sam James has also performed as a bottom in several videos with Kat such as: Rent-A-Sister, Sister Trouble, and the Game Night series.

The videos feature amateur performers as well as well-known professionals such as Paul Rogers, Christy Cutie, Stevie Rose, Lily Starr, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Danielle Hunt, Alex Reynolds, Sophie Gray and Sarah Gregory.

The company also produces numerous multi-part series. These include: Real Discipline Series (RDS), Interview Series, Outdoor Series, Game Night Series, Point of View Series, Corporal Carnival Series, et al. A number of videos are filmed at scenic outdoor locations in Northern California.

Collaborations with Sarah GregoryEdit

Disciplinary Arts has also combined forces with Sarah Gregory Spanking to make pairs of videos, one for each company, shot back-to-back reusing the same actors, sets, and costumes. Below are a few examples.

  • Prehistoric Catfight (Disciplinary Arts, photos, video) and The Biggest Brat in Bedrock (Sarah Gregory Spanking, photos) are both spoofs of The Flintstones with Kyle Johnson and Sarah Gregory.
  • Sarah's Bad Decision (Disciplinary Arts, photos) and Truth or Dare (Sarah Gregory Spanking, photos) have the same setting and feature Kyle Johnson, Sarah Gregory, and Stevie Rose.
  • Mean Girls Get Spanked (Disciplinary Arts, photos) is a sleepover story with Kisa Elaine Corvin, Sarah Gregory, and Kat St James. This scenario is duplicated in Slumber Party Blues (Sarah Gregory Spanking, photos).
  • Kat & Sarah's Bathtime Fun (Disciplinary Arts, photos) and Bathtime Spanking Fun (Sarah Gregory Spanking, photos) are nearly identical features with Sarah Gregory and Kat St James.
  • Pretty and Spanked (Disciplinary Arts, photos) matches the similarly-titled Pretty and Spanked (Sarah Gregory Spanking, photos).
  • Shower Shocked, Kat St James and Sarah Gregory (Disciplinary Arts, photos) also matches Spanked In The Shower (Sarah Gregory Spanking, photos).
  • Tantrum Throwing Brat Sarah Gregory Taken In Hand! (Disciplinary Arts, photos) and Spoiled Rotten Brat (Sarah Gregory Spanking, photos), both with Lily Starr spanking Sarah Gregory.

Selected titlesEdit

  • A Very Merry Self-Spanking - photos
  • Brother's Hand Pt 1: Quinn's Spanking (M/F), brother
  • Brother's Hand Pt 2: Stevie's Spanking (M/F), Stevie Rose
  • Christy's Correction - Part 1 & 2 (M/F), Christy Cutie
  • Corporal Activity: Home Video Beach Spanking (M/F), spanking parody of the Paranormal Activity horror films.
  • The Good Girl Spanking (M/F), Stevie Rose
  • The Horrible Wait (M/F), Kyle, Johanna Sullivan
  • Johanna's F**ked Up - Part 1 & 2 (M/F), Johanna Sullivan
  • Johanna's Nude Discipline - Part 1 & 2 (M/F), Johanna Sullivan
  • Kitchen Curiosity (M/F), Stevie Rose spanked with wooden spoon and spatula
  • Kitchen Quarrel: Daughter Paddled (F/F), Kat St. James, kitchen
  • Kitchen Whippin' - Yasmine Sinclair, photos
  • Las Vegas Streaker (M/F), Kyle, Johanna Sullivan
  • The Misadventures of Adrian Shelly: Spanked for lies! - Paul Rogers
  • Miss Stevie Spanks: Misty Cries Hard (F/F), Stevie Rose
  • A Nightmare on Palm Street: Halloween Spanking Film - spanking parody inspired by Nightmare on Elm Street, ghostly Freddy Bruiser uses his paddle hands on neighborhood girls.
  • Over Santa's Lap: Debbie - Christmas, photos
  • Paddled at School, Belted by Mom (F/F)
  • Real Discipline Series (RDS): Blossom's Bruises (M/F)
  • RDS: Johanna's Tolerance (M/F), Johanna Sullivan
  • RDS: Marie's Procrastination (F/F), Stevie Rose
  • RDS: Nikki's Maintenance Spanking - photos
  • RDS: Slackin' Whackin' (M/F), Kyle, video
  • RDS: Stevie's Beating (M/F), Kyle, Stevie Rose
  • A Red Birthday - Part 1 & 2 (M/F), Kyle, Johanna Sullivan
  • Respecting Daddy's Property (M/F), Kat St. James
  • The Roommate Agreement (M/F), Troy Jackson, Johanna Sullivan
  • Selfie Troubles (M/F), Stevie Rose
  • Sister Trouble 4: Big Sister's House (F/F), Stevie Rose spanked by older sister Heather.
  • Spanking Cousin Stevie - Kyle Johnson spanks cousin Stevie
  • A Spanking Request (M/F), Kyle, Johanna Sullivan
  • Spanking Stevie for Drinking (M/F), Kyle, alcohol, photos
  • Stevie's Harsh Discipline (M/F), Kyle, Stevie Rose
  • Stevie's Potty Mouth (M/F), Kyle, Stevie Rose, cursing
  • The Taming of Johanna (2020), Stevie Rose as spanker, photos
  • Too Many Kyles (F/F), Kat St James, Lily Starr
  • Trick or Treat, Spank my Seat! - Halloween, Lily Starr
  • The Turnabout (F/F), Stevie Rose and sister Misty get revenge on guardian Lily Starr.
  • Workout Whoopin's with Kisa Corvin - whooping
  • You Didn't Finish Your Chores! (F/F), Kat St James, Amo Morbia