Discipline Master

A Discipline Master (DM) is a specially designated and trained male member of the staff in many schools in Singapore. His main tasks are to uphold discipline standards in the school and punish students who break school rules. In many schools, the Discipline Master's appointment, as reflected in official documents, is Head of Department (HOD) of Discipline.

The Discipline Master is usually the person who carries out corporal punishment (in the form of caning) on male students who have committed serious offenses, although sometimes the punishment may be administered by the Principal, the Vice-Principal, the Operations Manager, or an authorized male teacher.

The Discipline Master may also be a teacher in a certain subject, apart from playing his role as a 'Discipline Master'.

In some co-educational schools, the school may designate a female member of the staff as the 'Discipline Mistress' to assist the Discipline Master in dealing with unruly schoolgirls.

The term "Discipline Master" (Malay: Guru Disiplin) is also used in some schools in Malaysia.

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