Mistress Alex sitting on a rack in an S&M Dungeon.
A slave girl chained in a dungeon.


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In the context of BDSM, a dungeon is a room or set of rooms intended and decorated for BDSM activities. Dungeons are often built and decorated to remind of the appearance of a cellar room of a medieval castle, or a torture chamber. Illumination is typically dim, with coloured light and/or candles.

A BDSM dungeon may contain bondage furniture such as a pillory, stocks, X-frame, or cage. It may contain spanking furniture such as a spanking bench, and various chairs well suited to spanking.

A dungeon may be a private space in the home of an individual. However, most dungeons are on the premises of BDSM clubs, where they may be used for scenes with a varying numbers of participants, and for such gatherings as spanking parties. Some pro-doms (or dommes) have more or less well-equipped dungeons on their business premises, these are also called BDSM studios.


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