Early bedtime

A teenager being given an early bedtime after being spanked (MF/m)

Early bedtime is a form of punishment used in parenting. It means that the child is sent to bed at an earlier hour than usual, and is not permitted to stay up to their usual bedtime.

Early bedtime can include no supper on that day, or can be scheduled right after supper. Early bedtime is sometimes given as an additional punishment to a spanking or other form of punishment.

A related form of punishment during daytime is to put the child down for a nap after an act of misbehavior (and possibly after it has received a punishment for it). The difference between the two is that a nap is for a duration of, say, an hour or two, while early bedtime means no more activities on that day.

Early bedtime is a traditional punishment; some modern psychologists recommend not to use it because bedtime and sleep should not be associated with punishment.

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