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The Modest Model by Paul Peel (1889), oil on canvas.
An embarrassing moment (c. 1880).

Embarrassment is an unpleasant emotional state that involves a loss of dignity or honor. Embarrassment is similar to the feelings of shame and humiliation.

A typical example of embarrassment is felt when a person is being seen nude or inappropriately dressed (see also modesty).

Personal embarrassment is often accompanied by blushing, nervousness, stammering, and fidgeting.

Embarrassment and punishmentEdit

Scolding and punishment, especially traditional methods such as corporal punishment, corner time, petticoating etc., often utilizes embarrassment as a form of psychological punishment to achieve or maximize its punitive effect.

Often this emotional state is, in fact, what interests spankophiles more than the mere physical pain of the spanking. Embarrassment is therefore a key topic in spanking stories, spanking art, spanking photos and spanking movies, and is often especially emphasized in this art genre.

In roleplay, spankophiles often like to reenact embarrassment through acts such as:

  • scolding the spankee;
  • treating the adult spankee like a child;
  • forcibly exposing the spankee;
  • giving corner time and similar punishments;
  • making a ritual out of positioning the spankee for his/her punishment;
  • and many more.


  • There is a joke (or pun) among spankophiles saying that the word 'embarrass' comes from em-bare-ass, meaning to bare a person's buttocks.

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