English Spankers

English Spankers is an British spanking video producer and spanking pay site. The site is run by Peter Kay and is one of the sites associated with his adult film production company Strand Productions (established 1986), a.k.a. Strandmedia Spain. Membership, as of November 2011, costs 26.22 Euros per month.

Style and contentEdit

The site features female adult spankees (M/F and F/F) and the settings of domestic spanking (Father/Daughter, Mother/Daughter and a lot of Husband/Wife and maid punishments), schoolroom spankings of schoolgirls and office punishments.

The spankings are generally bare bottom and range from hand-spankings to slipperings, strappings, paddlings, canings and birchings.


The videos contain a variety of female models in terms of age, body-type, and personality. For example, the matronly, gray-haired Katy Didit is not only featured as a strict disciplinarian (Cash Strapped Girls, Maid to Steal, et al.), but also gets spanked herself in titles such as Aunty Spanks Too and Final Punishment.

The company also features well-known industry figures such as Amber Wells (aka Pixie, founder of Punished Brats) and Amelia Jane Rutherford, who appears in episode 17 of the long-running naughty maid series, The Sexy Cleaning Company.

Spanking videosEdit

  • The Judge At Home - Breaking The Phone - Cherry English, photos
  • The Judge At Home - The Hampster (2018), Sarah Stern, first in the "at home" series (photos)
  • The Judge At Home - In The Army Now - Lola Marie, photos
  • The Judge At Home - Trouble In Court Part 1 (20210, photos
  • The Judge At Home - Trouble In Court, Part 2 (2021)
  • Punished by the Judge - photos

Videos starring Amelia Jane Rutherford:

  • Pet Thief Caught (2019), photos
  • Pet Thief Punished (2019), photos
  • The Sexy Cleaning Company, Episode 17 (2017), photos