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Exposure refers to a state of unprotectedness due to the absence of the usual cover.

A fat butt exposed on a rooftop

A body part is exposed when the covering clothing is removed or shifted such that the body part is naked. It is particularly exposed when it is in full view and access. Typically this is said of body parts that are normally covered for modesty, such as the female breasts, the buttocks or the genitals. In Islamic and other cultures with strict dresscodes, even a girl's or woman's arms, legs, hair, or face can be considered "exposed" when not covered in public. Most cultures tolerate a greater degree of nudity with young children and men than with women and girls past puberty age.

The exposure of body parts normally covered can be experienced as:

The same is true to the exposure of items of clothing that are normally covered by outer layers of clothing, such as underwear (see panty shot, panty flashing and panchira).

Indecent exposureEdit

Indecent exposure in front of others (e.g. exhibitionism, mooning, sometimes referred to as "flashing") is generally considered an offense.

Forced exposureEdit

See the main article forced nudity.

Forced exposure (forced nudity or semi-nudity) is used in inspections and sometimes for humiliation and punishment: either just for the feelings of shame and embarrassment that come with it, or in order to administer corporal punishment. Spanking often involves baring the delinquent's bottom (see bare bottom and bare bottom spanking).

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