F/M separatist movement

F/M spanking artwork by Underling.

The F/M separatist movement is the advocacy of the F/M form of spanking to be completely and totally separate from the other forms, F/F, M/F, M/M, etc.


This has been quite controversial and has caused a stir in the spanking community. However, in recent years more video producers have become exclusively F/M and thus the movement has gained momentum. This development is partly due to the way the F/M format has been treated in the past.

In the pre-internet era, the F/M format was pushed to the back of the line in the spanking scene. While all other forms (including even M/M) were given ample exposure, F/M was given little to none. With the rise of the internet, this started to change and F/M received much needed exposure. As F/M spanking became better known, it eventually grew into a stand-alone brand. Many spanking enthusiasts who had previously enjoyed other forms of spanking changed sides and became involved exclusively in F/M spanking. Given the neglect of the F/M style in the past, a movement was initiated to have F/M become a separate entity to the absolute exclusion of all other pairings.

A longtime male submissive and one of the pioneers of the F/M separatist movement stated "All the other forms of spanking have treated F/M so poorly over time, that we feel as if we have no choice but to separate from them. We will exist in our own area, and they can exist in theirs, and with no crossover, ever, under any circumstances. We who are in the F/M separatist movement firmly believe in Female tops and male bottoms only. Don't tell me that this is not fair to the other forms. They still have their exposure like they always did. It's just that now, we have our own, and you can tell that that just eats at them. They cast stones at us, calling us man haters and saying that our format promotes Female superiority and male inferiority. Well, we are not the former, but we certainly are and take pride in being the latter. I also love how hypocritical they are. They say that our format portrays men as weak, seeing as how they are submitting to women, but, what about their format? I mean, we could just as easily turn around and say that their format portrays women as weak and even worse, as victims of abuse".

The F/M separatist movement continues to expand and has seen many former female bottoms become tops and become an integral part of the F/M scene.

F/M exclusive content creatorsEdit

Many spanking content creators, such as spanking artists, spanking authors, spanking video producers work (almost) exclusively in the F/M pairing, making it a genre. Examples are the spanking artists OTTO and Underling.

Perhaps the most famous writer of F/M BDSM literature is Leopold von Sacher-Masoch, whose name was used to coin the term 'masochism'.

F/M and professional spanking servicesEdit

Most clients to pro-dommes/dominatrixes are male, and most women who like to be spanked tend to find spankers in the non-commercial area. Therefore professional spanking services often focus strongly on F/M.

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