Facial expression

Contempt to disgust. Self-portrait by Nicholas Poussin (1594-1665).

A facial expression is the expression of feelings on a person's face, a type of body language. For example, a face can show happiness, amusement, surprise, anger, disgust, fear, sorrow, sadness, or pain.

In visual art, facial expression is very important. In cartoons, comics/manga and animation/anime, a character's facial expression is often exaggerated, sometimes into extreme forms of distortion.

Facial expressions in spanking artEdit

In spanking art, the facial expression of the persons depicted, such as spanker, spankee, assisting persons, and/or spectators/witnesses, has a great influence on the mood of the scene. A visual depiction of a spanking scene can thus range from humorous to violent, from funny to serious, from causing schadenfreude to pity in the audience.

Spanking artists draw spankees with expressions such as:

Spanking artists draw spankers with expressions of:

  • anger, rage
  • strictness, dutifulness
  • calmness, sadness (e.g. Sassy Bottoms)
  • sadistic pleasure

Emotions that are very difficult to convey via facial expression include:

Sometimes, especially in comics, an artist draws a spanking scene in which we see the spankee's buttocks, and draws an extra image (inset, or in another panel) that shows a close-up of the spankee's face.

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