Far East Media

Far East Media (in their own words, "home of the infamous 'spanked & ass fucked movies'") is a U.S. video production company based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, that was founded in 2002 and specializes in pornographic themes including erotic spanking, genitals and sexual intercourse.

The company has a website that promotes its own products, on which users can view trailers, or short excerpts, of their productions. The action tends to follow a set pattern: (1) ask the man and woman a few spontaneous questions, (2) the woman is over the young man's lap being spanked by hand, and (3) the genitals of both are shown in sexual intercourse, often from below.

In Far East videos, spanking is a game played between a young man (who is a colleague of the company) and a young woman. Participants are often seated fully clothed and asked by an off-camera voice about spanking, or the woman is asked if the young man told her what happens here. The dialogue is impromptu, giving the videos a fresh, lighthearted feeling. In one trailer, the young man says that he just met this girl at the mall and invited her across the street to the studio. The young woman clearly doesn't know why she is on the set.