Feather duster

An Ostrich feather duster

A feather duster is a cleaning tool. It is a bundle of feathers—real or imitation—attached to a straight handle designed to remove layers of dust from an object without scratching or otherwise harming the object. The tool is typically around 80 cm (31 ″) long, but can also be shorter.

As a spanking implementEdit

Ode To The Feather Duster.

In China, feather dusters are also commonly used as an implement in home discipline. For this purpose, the duster is held by its feathered end and the handle is used like a cane.

In Asia, dusters made from chicken feathers with handles made of rattan are popular, although nowadays plastic ones are also very common. The feathers of a rattan feather duster can also be stripped off to result in an inexpensive 'plain' rattan cane of the right diameter and length for cp.

As a propEdit

A feather duster is also a stereotypical prop for a french maid. One of the earliest spanking films in the history of cinematography, the silent film The Broken Vase by Ostra Studio (1930s), features a maid who gets spanked for accidentally knocking down a vase with her feather duster.

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