Fetish clothing

Photoshoot for Bizarre Magazine.
Dominatrix ensemble with uniform tunic, whip and fetishistic leather boots. Photo: Charles Guyette (c. 1930s).

The term fetish clothing refers to:

  1. any type of normal clothing that a person has a sexual fetish about
  2. an item of clothing that is normally worn by people of a different age (ageplay fetish clothing) and/or the other sex (cross-dressing fetish)
  3. "special" clothing that is not regularly worn outside of subcultures in everyday life, and made particularly for a fetish purpose.

Note that clothing of the first category will not be fetish clothing in other people's eyes and does therefore not qualify as "fetish clothing" where such is demanded.

Fetish clothing as dresscodeEdit

In the BDSM subculture, fetish clothing of the third category is often a dresscode for parties. The following materials are most popular and generally considered acceptable to meet a BDSM party's dresscode:

Of course, what is accepted on a particular party and what isn't will vary. Some parties may have no dresscode at all, and many will also accept other clothing such as:

Spanking parties tend to have a much less strict dresscode, if any. Fetish clothing of the second category, such as school uniforms, can be assumed to be always welcome unless fetish clothing is explicitly discouraged, such as on a munch. At least one set of spanking parties (those organized by SCONY) forbids some kinds of fetish clothing — their code is "On the dressy side of casual. No leather, latex, PVC, diapers or cross dressing; No T-shirts, flannel shirts, or caps."

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