Food punishment

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Food punishment is any punishment in which food or eating is a central component.

Food restrictionEdit

Punishment through restriction of food has been common throughout much of history. Being sent to bed without supper is a classic domestic version, as is being denied sweets or dessert. Confinement on bread and water has traditionally been used in prisons, military units, and other institutions.

Unpleasant foodsEdit

Being forced to eat a meal of undesired, or unpleasant food, can be a form of punishment. A classic example is a child being required to eat a meal consisting of liver and onions (or liver and green vegetables). This has some elements in common with mouth soaping, in that both use the sense of taste as a means of punishment. Other examples include hotsaucing, and castor oil or cod liver oil.

This is a sufficiently stereotypical form of child's punishment that it may be used in age play scenes and spanking stories.

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