Frontal over-the-lap position

Drawing by Louis Malteste.

The frontal over-the-lap position is a spanking position in which the spankee is placed over the seated spanker's lap such that the spankee's bottom faces the front of the spanker, not sideways as in the classic over-the-knee position. The spanker's knees are apart and the spankee's upper body rests on one of the spanker's thighs — on half of their lap so to speak. The spankee's legs face forward rather than sideways. The spanker typically holds or reaches around the spankee's waist to keep him/her in position. The spanker best sits on a bed, couch, backless bench or stool so that there is room for the spankee's upper body. A chair with arms or an armchair is not suitable for this position.

Properties of the positionEdit

The frontal over-the-lap position combines elements of the OTK position, the tucked-under-the-arm position, the straddling position, the over-one-knee position and the waist-between-legs position.

This position can be used both for big and small (heavyweight and lightweight) spankees. Small children may be completely in front of the spanker and their feet will be off the floor, while taller children and adults will be able to keep their feet on the ground and find their head and arms clearly behind the spanker.

The disadvantages of this position are a possibly poor support under the spankee's hips and the unsymmetrical position. The spankee's torso rests at an angle on one of the spanker's thighs and is stabilized there with the help of the spanker's arm, hand, and other leg.