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A boy showing three girls his penis. Illustration by Martin van Maële.

The Latin term genitalia, sometimes anglicized as genitals and genital area, is used to describe the externally visible sex organs, known as primary genitalia or external genitalia: in males the penis and scrotum, in females the clitoris and vulva.

The other, hidden sex organs are referred to as the secondary genitalia or internal genitalia. The most important of these are the gonads, a pair of sex organs, specifically the testes in the male or the ovaries in the female. Gonads are the true sex organs, generating reproductive gametes containing inheritable DNA. They also produce most of the primary hormones that affect sexual development, and regulate other sexual organs and sexually differentiated behaviors.

A more ambiguously defined term is erogenous zone.

The genitals are also called a person's privates.

Genitals and spankingEdit

Due to the undressing that happens prior to a spanking, genitals are typically exposed. The amount of this exposure varies depending on the spanking position chosen by the spanker. This can cause additional humiliation for the spankee, especially in the presence of a witness. The natural reaction for a spankee from a culture with a nudity taboo is to cover the genitals with their hands, though it is common for the spanker to prohibit this action under threat of longer or additional punishment.

In consensual spanking among adults, the physical proximity of the genitals to the buttocks is one factor that can make a spanking sexually exciting for the spankee (see also sweet spot). The sight of the genital and anal areas can also be a factor in making a spanking sexually exciting to the spanker because such a sight is usually considered erotic.

The genitals can also be spanked themselves, though this is limited to consensual spanking situations, and great care should be taken to avoid serious injury.

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