Body language

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Vintage illustration. Note how the facial expressions and the gestures are in both the man and the boy.
Cartoon of a teacher and a schoolboy.

Body language is a term for referring to gestures, body movements, poses, facial expressions, eye movements, ways of looking, postures and actions that are used to express thoughts, ideas, desires, demands and feelings. There is a wide range of such gestures and actions. They can convey messages and transfer ideas intentionally and unintentionally; i. e. with or without intention (on purpose or not). Body language is a form of communication. According to Wiktionary, actions in the scope of body language are often involuntary.

In spankingEdit

  • Spanking positions almost always have obvious or hidden messages. For the spankee, these messages are submission as well as being exposed, vulnerable and "all-bottom" and for the spanker, there are signals of domination and power.
  • Body language can also be interpreted as showing a lack of submission, such as physical resistance, excessive squirming or clenching the buttocks.
  • In role playing, gestures and actions of both/all parties involved express meanings.
  • The spankee may beg for mercy or affection by means of some gestures.
  • The spanker can show anger, revenge, threatening and readiness for punishing the spankee with non-verbal actions and gestures.
  • Corner time can be considered as a form of body language concept that shows humiliation.
  • In erotic spanking and BDSM activities, facial expressions, gestures and postures can be used or might be seen to express pleasure, joy, satisfaction, dominance (domination) for the dominant or the master; and submission, pain, special pleasure, etc for the submissive or slave.

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