Hands on head

A girl made to stand in timeout, hands on her head, her skirt rolled up to display her red-spanked bottom. Rendered art by Salalo (2017).
Young Japanese woman, hands on head.
The hands behind head variant.
Spanked girl with hands on her head. Rendered art by Mayhem.


Externally hosted image on Handprints: Drawings Gallery #181
Spanking art by Alan Lawrence.

Hands on head is a pose popular for a number of purposes related to punishment, in particular spanking and corner time. The delinquent/spankee/bottom is instructed to place his/her hands on his/her head.

The usual command is something like "[Put your] hands on your head", possibly followed by an instruction to leave them there until told. This pose is not uncomfortable and can be held for longer periods.

A variant is "hands behind your head" which is similar but a little more relaxed. It is preferred in positions where the head is in a horizontal position, e.g. the lying position.


While in an everyday context the pose, assumed voluntarily, is a sign of feeling comfortable and relaxed, in a punitive context it can have both practical use and a powerful psychological impact.

Examples of such punitive contexts are:

  • To keep the hands away for unbuttoning the spankee's lower garment, such as trousers or shorts.
  • To keep the hands away from covering the genitals, to increase the shame that comes with frontal nudity in a punitive context. There is also a secondary effect related to this, when the subject is in a pants down state the position raises the shoulders, which will raise the hemline of the shirt, putting lower nudity more on display.
  • To keep the hands away from blocking a spanking given in a standing position.
  • To keep the hands from rubbing the bottom when standing in corner time after a spanking.
  • To keep the hands away for washing, scrubbing, examining, shaving, etc. the person.

The pose emphasizes the passiveness of the person because the hands, the symbols of active doing, are moved out of the way and "parked" on the head, as if to say "you won't need them for the next few minutes".

Hands-on-head in spanking literatureEdit

In the spanking novel The Old Rectory, the boys residing in the institution are taught two positions to assume while waiting: with their hands on their back when waiting in normal cases, and with their hands on their head when waiting to receive a punishment.

Hands-on-head in spanking artEdit

The hands-on-head pose is often depicted in "corner time" illustrations and photographs.

Spanking videosEdit

  • Redemption Manor, Part 4 (Eris Martinet Female Evil), Lucy Lauren, photos


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