Homemade sex toys and pervertibles

Many things you find in your home can be used for sexual play. This can be fun, save money and is particularly useful for people who live in places where commercial sex toys such as dildos or butt plugs are difficult to obtain or unaffordably high-priced.

There isn't much literature on this topic so far, and a wiki is probably a perfect place to share the many inventions and discoveries people made all over the planet. This topic, admittedly, hasn't much to do with spanking art. But such articles may be felt inappropriate for Wikipedia or wikiHow, and since Spanking Art is one of the biggest sexuality-related wikis in existence, we allow and encourage articles on this topic here.


Note that certain homemade sex toys and pervertibles tend to come with higher safety risks than comparable commercial products. Use any of these suggestions at your own risk and always follow common sense. If you are aware of any unmentioned health risks or want to give further advice, please add it to the descriptions.

Some people also find that homemade sex toys are less fun if you learn about them by reading rather than by inventing and experimenting with them on your own.

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