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Human footstool as post-punishment humiliation (from "Punished Schoolgirl" by Jameslovebirch).

Humiliation is the sense of shame, mortification, or embarrassment felt by a person in a degrading, humbling, or embarrassing situation. It can also refer to the process of inflicting such feelings, or of placing a person in such a situation.

Humiliation in punishmentEdit

Stripping for Punishment, drawing by Julian Guile.

Humiliation causes emotional suffering, not physical pains. Humiliation has often been used as a means of psychological punishment. Any kind of punishment comes with a certain feeling of humiliation, because the awareness of undergoing punishment is humiliating by itself. However certain types of punishment are designed to cause intense humiliation, and used intentionally for this purpose.

Such traditional punishments as the Scold's bridle, the pillory, and the stocks operate largely as a form of humiliation. Forced nudity and public judicial corporal punishments generally have a significant aspect of humiliation.

Humiliation is also often traditionally found in the punishment of children. Classic examples in school punishment include the wearing of the dunce cap, donkey cap or donkey riding. But also the corporal punishment of childrenat school or at home — comes with significant humiliation in addition to the physical pains. Forced motion such as dragging, frog marching, the grip on the ear, humiliate a child by demonstrating who is in charge. Kneeling, removal of clothes for a bare bottom spanking, embarrassing positions, corner time and many other punishment techniques are employed not least to make the punishment more effective by adding some extra humiliation.

Humiliation in BDSM or spankingEdit

Book illustration by Carlo (c. 1935).
Humiliation is a main component of human animal roleplay (Ostra Studio, c. 1930s).
Doggie training turns humans into animals. (Ostra Studio, c. 1935).

Sexual arousal resulting from being humiliated is known as asthenolagnia.

Intentionally inflicted humiliation is often part of BDSM or spanking scenes. This may consist of

  • requiring the spankee or bottom to publicly expose him or herself, or to be subjected to public punishment, especially so if those watching are friends or family;
  • nakedness, ranging from just the buttocks during spanking to full nudity;
  • having the spankee show availability for spanking, e.g. by removing and hanging up underwear;
  • showing the results of the spanking, e.g. in corner time or leaving the buttocks bare around the household;
  • forcibly exposing the spankee against his or her will, or pantsing the spankee, in public, especially if this will show marks of the punishment or other marks, e.g. tattoos which the spankee likes hidden e.g. a slave barcode;
  • scolding the receiver, particularly by using terms that are shameful or degrading;
  • treating an adult spankee as a child in some way (see also ageplay, age regression, diaper domination);
  • requiring the spankee to perform some unpleasant or embarrassing task or action; or
  • requiring the delinquent to apologize for his or her actions, or to promise to behave better;
  • the spankee dressing and taking a role which is socially lower, e.g. a maid;
  • the spankee (if male) dressing in clothes of the female gender, see Sissy and forced feminization;
  • the spankee dressing or behaving in a way indicates additional sexual availability, e.g. much more revealing than normal or a heterosexual dressed to appear open to homosexuals;
  • any of many other methods including penitence.

Human animal roleplay, such as doggie training and pony play, is based on a dehumanizing, and often degrading, form of humiliation. Here the spankee/submissive gives up his or her identity and dignity as a human being and becomes a naked, captive animal forced to crawl on all fours and respond to the commands of a master or mistress. The humiliation of being reduced to the level of a simple animal and having to perform degrading tasks has a powerful psychological effect. The same is true for willing slaves who are turned into pieces of human furniture or other inanimate objects.

Fraternity and sorority spanking with ritualized paddles in front of other members, along with most other hazing practices, are forms of public humiliation. These indignities are endured by the pledge as part of their initiation into an elite social group.

For many spankees the humiliation factor is an important or essential part of the BDSM or spanking experience. Others strongly dislike any suggestion of humiliation in a spanking scene.


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