Ice cube

A stack of ice cubes.

Ice cubes are small, roughly cube-shaped pieces of ice, conventionally used to cool beverages. Ice cubes can also be used as a pervertible.

In spankingEdit

They can be combined with spanking, for example after the spankee's bottom has been spanked red and hot, the spanker can run an ice cube over it, providing an intense sensation of coolness (especially when some drops of water are allowed to run into the crack).

In other BDSM playEdit

It is also popular in BDSM to use ice cubes on the (male or female) genitals, the nipples, the anus, or other erogenous zones. An ice cube can even be (carefully) inserted in the anus (a.k.a. frozen enema), or vagina, if liked. Ice cubes can also be combined well with wax play, interchanging sensations of heat and cold.

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