Imprint Productions

Imprint Productions is a British spanking video producer that released numerous videos during the 1980s.

Some titles were directed by Harrison Marks and distributed through his Kane International company. Many videos have been repackaged (some with new titles) over the years and have been distributed by U.K. companies Janus, Roue, Phoenix, and, in the U.S. by California Star.

Some videos are currently available from the video-on-demand website.

Spanking videosEdit

Below is a partial list of known titles.

  • It Hurts to Remember (1986)
  • Mandy Bait, aka The Ultimate Chastisement of Mandy Bait (1984), directed by Harrison Marks, released by Kane International and reissued in 1986 as Mandy Bates by California Star
  • Office Discipline (1985), distributed by California Star
  • Payment in Pain (1986)
  • Private Lessons (Roue, 1984)
  • Punish a Thief (1985)
  • Spanking Salesman (c. 1985)
  • Spanking Video, vols. 1-3 (California Star compilations that credit "Imprint Productions 1987")