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The Internet is a system of interlinked networks of computers now available almost everywhere in the world. It has several aspects, including e-mail, FTP sites, World Wide Web sites (websites), chat and newsgroups. Strictly speaking not all online activity is part of the Internet, but curently the vast majority is.

At one time BBSs (Bulletin Board Systems) which were not part of the Internet were quite important, and some of these carried significant spanking art. Now most of these are defunct or have been converted to web based fora.

Spanking videos on the InternetEdit

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Beginning in the '90s, the Internet offered a new platform for established spanking video producers, as well as countless new start-up companies, to promote and sell their movies. Eventually videotape cassettes would be replaced by more sophisticated digital recordings placed on discs (DVDs) and uploaded to websites. Companies could now show, at their websites and video archive sites such as Spanking Tube, free preview trailers of their films, actress interviews, and other behind-the-scenes features.

Advances in streaming video technology allowing one to view movies online (and download copies to their computer) has forever changed the way films are produced and marketed. Most companies were quick to realize the potential in selling individual short films (5 to 15 minutes in length) online in addition to full-length movies on DVD. Today, many producers such as Punished Brats create short films in a series for sale on their website that are later released on full-length compilation DVDs. It is also increasingly common for feature-length films to be chopped up into short segments for sale as an online commodity.

There has also been en explosion of amateur home made videos made available, for free or for sale, on thousands of personal web sites from every part of the globe. And many popular fetish actress/models manage their own sites where they sell exclusive videos (some even do customized videos based on client requests).

The Internet has also allowed many performers in the fetish industry to create their own online-based video production companies. The more prominent among these include Eve Howard, Chelsea Pfeiffer, Sarah Gregory, Pandora Blake, Clare Fonda, Bobbie Tawse, Amber Grey, Jacqueline Omerta, Amber Wells, Isabella Sinclaire, Jennifer Brooks, and Madison Young.

Besides pay-per-view and other forms of online marketing, there are many vintage and contemporary spanking and other fetish videos that can be viewed online for free. For a partial list of available films, see the Spanking videos on the Internet page.

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