Illustration by Georges Topfer for the novel L'École du Fouet by Aimé Van Rod.
Black woman spanked by a hooded white man in a stag reel still (1969).

Interracial means "between races". In spanking art, "interracial" refers to art, films or literature in which the spanker and the spankee are of different races.


The concept of interracial spanking art follows that of "interracial marriage", "interracial adoption", "interracial sex", and "interracial pornography". All these terms assume that humans can be differentiated by "race." From a scientific point of view, such differentiation has been proven impossible with the human species. Despite this, the concept of "races" is still widespread in many cultures, and is also the practical basis of laws against "racial" discrimination. For example, in the United States, in census and other official forms people are grouped into "races" such as:

  • "White"
  • "Black or African American"
  • "Asian"
  • "American Indian or Alaskan Native"
  • "Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander", and
  • "Other."

Interracial spanking literature, film, and artEdit

A black mistress spanks white submissives

Interracial spanking art can either follow historic facts and stereotypes of racial inequality in terms of dominance and submission (e.g. depicting white owners punishing their black slaves), or can reverse these roles.

An early example of interracial spanking literature is the French spanking novel Esclaves modernes by Jean de Virgans, first published in 1910.

For the history of interracial spanking videos in the 1960s, see Spanking video#Interracial casting.

Examples of rendered interracial spanking art include those of Euzinha.