Interview with Dabillmann


Spankart: Hello Dabillmann - or may I call you Bill?

Dabillmann: Yeah, Bill is just fine. If it's good enough for my family, it's good enough for you. LOL.

S: You are, if I may quote from your profile at AnimeOTK, a 41-year-old guy from Michigan, USA. At what age did you find out that you're into spanking?

D: Oh heavens, I think I've been into it ever since I can remember. I always got a thrill when I heard, saw, or even knew about another kid, especially a girl, getting a spanking. I remember when I was about 5, I was playing this weird sort of "house" game with two cousins of mine (third cousins actually) where I was "Daddy" and as I sat in a chair both girls would run around the chair trying to keep just out of my reach. I would grab at them, and when I got them I would put them over my knee, bare their bottoms, give them several swats, pull their pants back up, let them go and repeat the process. Later, when I was about 12, I realised I was sexually turned on by spanking, and would imagine spanking scenes while I , well, you get the idea! :-) (Sorry, I'm a bit long winded!)

S: Were you spanked as a kid?

D: Oh yes. Mostly by my Mom, I suspect my Dad must have at least once or twice, but he worked a lot of hours, so it was mostly Mom. They actually switched over to grounding when I was about seven or eight, but my first few years were punctuated by trips over Mom's knee.

S: Have your spanking fantasies changed over time? Did you enact them in real life?

D: I guess they have sort of changed. At least the women I fantasize over have changed! LOL. Seriously though, I go through phases. Sometimes I might be the father/uncle for while, then the husband/boyfriend, then like a teacher or a prison guard. Very seldom do I fantasize about consensual spankings. My wife and I have played out one or two fantasies, but mostly when we have played spanking games it's just been random. We don't actually do this too often because she doesn't exactly share the fetish.

S: When did you first meet other spankophiles? Was that before the Internet?

D: I'm not even sure I HAVE met any other spankophiles in RL. I'm kind of shy, and I have a hard time bringing up the subject. The only other person I know for sure who shares the fetish is my wife's best friend. I have made a few online friends though. A couple of them even get spanked in my drawings.

S: How and when did you begin to make your own spanking drawings?

D: It must have been when I was about 16 or 17, but it didn't really get started until I was about 20, I think. My drawing style changed about then, and I was happier with my spanking pictures than I was before. I'm still not totally crazy about my drawing, but I just love doing it.

S: You are a spanking artist who stays true to old-fashioned, "analog" drawing and coloring on paper. Is that a deliberate part of your style?

D: Oh yes! I don't really know how to use most of the computer programs a lot of spanking artists use, and I might use them if I was to learn, but I dearly LOVE putting pencil to paper for my pictures. It's like spanking on the bare bottom as opposed to over a girls pants. It just seems more intimate to me.

S: That's a lovely analogy, Bill. LOL. I take it the character "Bill" in your drawings is your alter ego?

D: Thanks. Yeah, you could definitely say that! I actually created the character about 200 years ago, when I was a teenager. My best friend and I were ATTEMPTING to do our own comic book stories, and Bill was the "secret indentity" of a super hero character who was based on me. Eventually, Bill started appearing in other stories, and later roleplaying games. When I first started drawing spanking pictures, it became natural to draw Bill as the primary male spanker. I guess I just tend to throw "myself" into my work! LOL

S: Can you tell us more about online spanking roleplay?

D: I really just got started doing that. It's kinda cool, especially if you don't really get to indulge in spanking games in real life. Basically, two or more people write a story together, but each person plays a specific part, like I might be the father and "Mary" might play the daughter. Through the course of things Mary might write that her character stays out with her boyfriend until way past her curfew, then I might have the Dad be waiting for her, and spanking ensues. It's a lot of fun and I am rapidly becoming addicted.

S: Are you always the spanker?

D: So far, yes. In "real" life, I am far more interested in giving a spanking than in receiving one, so I do tend to gravitate to that role. I would like to play the spankee sometime though.

S: How would you describe your character?

D: I always use the words "strict but loving". I definitely believe in giving a good paddling where warranted, but I also tend to be very affectionate, and to make sure my "victims" know that they are loved and forgiven when the punishment is over.

S: Your preferred scenario is a classic, bare-bottom OTK spanking?

D: Oh yes! I love that ol' Double B! LOL. Maybe it comes from the fact that the bottom is my favorite part of a womans anatomy, but I greatly prefer the bare bottom. I also kinda like over-the-jeans, but i'm not much into over-the-panties or over-the-skirt. Dunno why.

S: When you do online roleplay, do you also ageplay (or do the other players ageplay)?

D: Well, I age play if you count playing somebody in their 30's instead of their 40's! LOL. Actually, I pretty much play an adult. In one where I play more than one character, I play both the father and an older brother, but I don't know if that counts. I did enter one where I was going to play a teenage girl spankee, but not much has happened with that one. And my partners usually play my daughter or my niece, so yeah, I guess they do age play. Oh, and I do have a guy playing my five-year-old son.

S: Can you tell us more about your plans of doing a comic book style spanking story series?

D: My idea was inspired by Endart's Pamalee Henderson stories. If anybody is not familiar, Pammy is a character who seems to get into one spanking misadventure after another. I really enjoy the way Endart does these stories, and I wanted to do my own. Pammy seems to me to be based on Pamela Anderson, right down to having a boyfriend named "Timmy" (very close to "Tommy") in the first installment. So I chose an actress I really like, and decided to do the stories about an older teen girl who gets into a number of sticky situations where she winds up getting her little bottom spanked. This was partly inspired by the fact that I saw a write up on another site which supposedly quoted interviews with both this actress and her mother where it came out that the actress received bare-bottomed spankings from her mother until the age of 17. I won't say who the actress is, but the character's name is Sara McGee. I hope to find the time to do some of these stories, but so far I can barely find time to do one panel scenes.

S: Thank you very much for taking the time for this interview. And keep up the fun with spanking RP, drawing and writing!

D: It's over already? Aw shucks! I was just getting into it! Ah well. Thanks for showing the interest in interviewing me. And I have a question for YOU: Is it just me or are the three most beautiful words in the english language Spank Dat A$$?