Ivor Gold

Ivor Gold (1939-2001), otherwise Ivor Goldblatt, was a British spanking actor, maker of spanking videos, and organiser of spanking parties, active in the 1990s.

Born in Whitechapel, East London, Ivor Goldblatt had a chequered career as a hairdresser, clothing salesman, cab-driver, and gambler, acquiring a roguish reputation on account of financial irregularities and tax evasion. As a widower in his early fifties, he began attending commercial spanking parties and soon formed the opinion that he could run better events for fetishists. This led to his self-reinvention as Ivor Gold, an exuberant spanking entrepreneur, who in 1994 founded Red Stripe, a spanking company that operated from his home in Ruislip. The success of its parties soon brought him to the forefront of the London spanking scene, where he became widely liked.

Ivor Gold produced and directed over sixty M/F and F/F videos under the Red Stripe brand, many of which have come to be seen as classic depictions of spanking in the English tradition. He appeared in seventeen of his own films, normally playing the principal spanker, and also acted for Strictly English and Spanking for Pleasure. A short man of stocky build with dark hair, large ears, and (usually) spectacles, Gold brought to his roles an effective mixture of sternness and dry humour, often affecting a world-weary air of resignation to the tiresome duty of beating young women’s bottoms. He never seemed lost for words.

The British spanking community was deeply shocked to hear of his murder during a robbery in March 2001, in which he was stabbed to death in his flat.

Biographic publications by David GoldblattEdit

Ivor Goldblatt's son David Goldblatt, a writer and broadcaster, later published articles about his father’s unconventional life in the magazine Granta (No.104, 20 November 2008) and in the Sunday Times (18 January 2009). In 2011, David Goldblatt launched the MoIG (Museum of Ivor Goldblatt), a pop up exhibition in Bristol in memory of his father.

Filmography (as actor)Edit

  • Please Don't Spank Me, Camilla (Red Stripe 1994), as Frank, with Yvonne and Camilla
  • Burning Ambition (Red Stripe c.1994), as Mr Pierson, with Camilla
  • Video Compendium 3, Part 2: Discipline School (Moonglow North 1994), as Headmaster, with Alison Payne
    • aka Class of ’94
  • Severity School (Cavern, c. 1994), with Alison Payne, Gillian Taylor & Dominique Wright
  • College Classics 8 (Spanking for Pleasure c.1995), as Headmaster, with Mel Penny & Gillian Taylor
  • Punishment Platoon (Spanking for Pleasure 1995), as the Sergeant, with Rachel
  • The Brazilian Heiress (Strictly English c.1995), as Joe, with Robyn Dare
  • Fax and Figures (Strictly English 1996), as James, with Amber Scott and Susie
  • Behind Closed Doors (Red Stripe 1996), as Bill, with Stephanie
  • Indecent Exposure (Red Stripe c.1996), as Headmaster, with Zoe and Miss Chambers
  • Because I Care (Red Stripe 1997), with Suzi Martell
  • Behind Closed Doors 3 (Red Stripe 1997), as Bill, with Stephanie
  • An Ad in the Times (Red Stripe 1998), as Mr Taylor, with Sarah Harvey Lewis
  • Another Ad in the Times (Red Stripe 1998), as Mr Taylor, with Kara Jayne Dempsey
  • Keep it in the Family (Red Stripe 1999), as Paul, with Stacey Rowe
  • Double Jointed (Red Stripe 1999), as Headmaster, with Hayley Russell
  • Misbehaviour (Red Stripe 1999), as Dr Thompson, with Kara Jayne Dempsey and Jo
  • Dinner of Just Desserts (Strictly English c.1999), as Stephen, with Kara Jayne Dempsey and Suzi Jarman
  • Just Another Day at St. Stripes, Part 1: Miss Robinson (Red Stripe 2000), as Headmaster, with Mel Penny, Lorraine Ansell, and Catherine Corbett
  • Just Another Day at St. Stripes, Part 2: Miss Chambers (Red Stripe 2000), as Headmaster, with Miss Chambers and Sascha Lievely
  • Just Another Day at St. Stripes, Part 3: Miss Brown (Red Stripe 2000), as Headmaster (voice only)
  • On Probation (Red Stripe 2000), as Mr Cooper, with Sam Johnson and Sascha Lievely
  • A Month in the Country (Red Stripe 2000), as Frank, with Stacey Rowe
  • Trust Me (Red Stripe c.2000), as Bill, with Stephanie and Stacey Rowe