"Bedtime Story", drawing by JD.

JD is an artist that draws child spanking art, in particular toddlers. His preferred pairings are F/m and M/f.

JD has been drawing spanking art for several years, but only recently (as of 2009) has he refined it and made an attempt to share it with the spanking art community. He prefers to draw very young children, mostly toddlers, being spanked by attractive women who are meant to be the child's mother or nanny, etc. JD feels there is a certain bond or closeness between toddlers of this age and their female caretakers. The artist does prefer to draw boys over girls, although has and continues to draw both.

JD's favorite implement is the wooden spoon. It is very common for the spankee to be almost or completely naked in his drawings, this is because children of this age often wear very little as compared to that of an older child. Also because JD feels that the caretaker must do all of the bathing, changing of clothes, diaper changing etc. and that it is likely these are the times that a spanking may take place. And lastly, he feels that modesty isn't so much of an issue to a child of this age as compared to an older child or teenager, therefore being nearly or completely naked for a spanking as a toddler in a fantasy setting wouldn't be a big deal to the child. JD tries to make love between the mother and child a strong theme in his drawings, no matter how severe the spanking, the mother always has complete love for the child who in turn has much love and sorrow in return even during the spanking.

One of his biggest obstacles in drawing child spanking art in this age range is finding a website willing to post it. Though there are many people that enjoy this kind of art, there are many who do not like it and feel it is abusive. As an artist JD feels that all spanking art should be appreciated, even if it is not one's preference. He feels toddler spanking art is no different nor any more abusive than that of other ages, and that it is fantasy just like the rest. This is his preference and he hopes that his work may help encourage others who also share his interest in toddler spanking art, and provide for those who do want to see this kind of art that is so relatively hard to find.