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F/f drawing Jay Em: "The first brushing is forever."

Jay Em is a (U.S. or Brazilian?) artist who creates F/f, F/m, F/M, and M/F spanking art, among other genres.

In Jay Em's femdom images, dominant women not uncommonly appear in some kind of fetish clothing (often with bare, or semi-bare breasts) — in some cases even when spanking children, which is a little unusual for child spanking art. Much of Jay Em's art are black-and-white drawings, but often the spankee's bottom is showing glowing red marks, even in otherwise uncolored images.

A number of Jay Em's spanking art is very energetic in terms of pose and expression. Because of the spankee's expression of intense pain and suffering, Jay Em's child spanking art is considered by many to be quite a bit on the harsh side.

Jay Em draws erotic, BDSM, fetish or spanking illustrations for several companies and websites on a commercial basis, such as Kelly Payne's Tantrum trainers, Bobbie Tawse's, La Fessée and Colorado Spankers. Jay Em has also created illustrations for spanking magazines such as Jennifer Brooks's Behind the Scene, and a number of European websites, magazines and books.

Jay Em can also be contacted for custom artwork.