Jean Fort

Jean Fort (†) was a publisher of French flagellation and spanking novels in the first third of the 20th century. He was perhaps the most prolific publisher of the "golden age" of early 20th century French spanking literature.

He was the nephew of Pierre Fort, a Paris bookseller and publisher. Pierre Fort was active from about 1896 to 1905 (it appears that Louis Chaubard took over his shop in 1911). Jean Fort followed his uncle's footsteps and started publishing himself approximately since 1901, from the address 73 Faubourg Poissonniere, Paris, France, concentrating on the above mentioned genres.

1901 to 1925Edit

Jean Fort published under many different imprints throughout his live, and often changed his imprint when he changed his address. Some of his imprints were openly published, some published undercover. From 1907 to c. 1921 he primarily used the imprint Jean Fort or J. Fort, while in the years 1910 to 1913 he also published a few books under the imprints Bibliothèque des deux hémisphères ("Library of the two hemispheres", obviously a reference to the buttocks) and Sweetgra's Quebec.

Jean Fort moved office to a different address, 39 rue de Chabrol, later 12 rue de Chabrol between c. 1921 and c. 1925. In those years, he used the imprint Libraire du bon vieux temps ("Bookseller of the good old days").

1925 to 1939Edit

In c. 1925 Jean Fort moved office again, this time to the address 79 rue de Vaugirard, where he remained approximately thirteen more years, until the end of his publishing. From this place, he used the imprints Au Cabinet du Livre and his best known imprint, Collection des Orties Blanches ("Collection of the white nettles").

While many of Fort's earlier publications were unillustrated, the novels published by Collection des Orties Blanches often contained illustrations by the best French spanking artists of his time, such as Herric, Luc Lafnet (using the pseudonyms Jim Black and Viset), Martin van Maële, or Louis Malteste. It is thanks to Jean Fort that we now have such a rich collection of early 20th century spanking art.

Jean Fort published his last books about 1939. It is unknown whether the end of his publishing was due to retirement or death.

Additional notesEdit

Jean Fort may have also been the owner of Librairie de la Nouvelle France. The association of Jean Fort with Librairie de la Nouvelle France is from the entry in the library catalogue of McGill University.

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