Jenny Close

Jenny Close, also known as Karen Watson, is a British spanking actress, active in the 1990s. A lightly-built woman with long black hair, she made her debut as a spanking model in 1991 with ‘A Chelsea Morning’, a two-part feature in Janus 89 and 90. She again portrayed the character called Chelsea in a photo-story entitled ‘Elixir of Life’ in Janus 100 in 1993 and also appeared on the cover of Kane 65. As an actress, she worked chiefly for Spanking for Pleasure and Moonglow.


  • Alfred and George Go Caning (Spanking for Pleasure), as ‘Clark’
    • aka Caned for Truancy
  • Alfred and George Go Spanking (Spanking for Pleasure)
  • Art of Spanking (Moonglow, 1998), as Karen
  • Blackrod (Moonglow West, 1999), as Karen, with John Kirwood & Juliette Sevre
  • College Classics 5 (Spanking for Pleasure), as Kirsty Stewart, with Amber Scott
  • Housewives’ Choice (Kane, c. 1994), with Trixie
  • Look Back in Spanking (Moonglow, 1999), as Jones, with Lesley Saye & John Kirwood
    • aka LQQK Back in Spanking
  • Naughty Nurses 1 (Moonglow West, 1997), as Penelope
  • The Pain Clinic (Spanking for Pleasure), as Lisa James, with Barbie Mel
    • US title: Doctor of Discipline (Calstar)
  • Rattan College, Part 1: The Sports Mistress (Moonglow], 1996), as Mary, with Mel Penny & John Kirwood
  • The Return of the Knicker Inspector (Spanking for Pleasure, c.1992), with Michael Dawes
  • School for Schoolgirls (Kane, 1994), as Caron, with Amber Scott & Larry Barnes
    • US title: Schoolgirl Fannies on Fire
  • Sex Shop CP (Spanking for Pleasure)
  • Term Ends (Moonglow, 1996), as Victoria
  • Uncle Terry’s Naughty Nieces (Moonglow West, 1996), with John Kirwood
  • Wayward Wives (Moonglow, 1999), as Mandy
    • An extract circulates as Mandy’s Games
  • Well Thrashed (Moonglow, 1999), as Kaye, with Alison Payne
    • An extract circulates as Twelve Strokes after the Disco