John Benson

John Benson is a prolific U.S. author of spanking stories. Most of his stories have been published on the newsgroup soc.sexuality.spanking and before that on A book length collection of his work has been published in printed form by CF Publications and 26 ebook compilations featuring M/F, F/F and F/M collections of his stories have been published by LSF Publications. Most of his stories are archived and freely available at the Library of Spanking Fiction (796 as of Oct 2010), some can also be found on Laura's Spanking Corner.

Benson has also been one of the moderators of soc.sexuality.spanking.


Many of his stories have science fictional or fantasy settings, but some are historical, and some have contemporary settings. Commentators and fans have acclaimed his particlarly high quality of writing among spanking authors. Most of Benson's stories are stand-alones, not parts of a longer series. In a few cases, two or three stories have the same main character.

A consistent theme of Benson's is a young girl who needs spanking as a substitute for sex, which indulged in too early will blight her life, but (it is stated or implied) her eventual adult sexuality will combine sex and spanking. Themes of duty and ethical choices are also common, as are stories in which the situation is not as it first appears.

Quotes from fansEdit

At least one other author has been driven to verse in his praise of Benson:

John Benson's "The Perfect Image"
by Don A. Landhill

Ultra-artistically, Mr. John Benson has
written a story I greatly adore

When asked for sequels says: "Lady-or-tiger-like,
"The Image is perfect now, I won't write more."

Spanking blogger "Natty" writes:

"My last post reminded me of a story by one of my all-time favorite spanko writers, John Benson. He writes wonderfully complex stories about the variety of emotions that intersect in those attracted to spanking or being spanked. He even makes me enjoy fantasy and science fiction."

Spanking author "Ecattiva" says of Benson on her links page:

"John Benson's stories are to spanking what homemade spaghetti sauce is to food: warm, comforting, and delicious with a familiar recipe that just *works*. He's extremely prolific, and one could spend many happy hours browsing his extensive archive. But since he hasn't yet updated to reflect his 2004 contributions, one would miss his (and arguably *the*) hottest spanking story to date: Stolen Pleasures. (Behold the power of Google.)"

In introducing the selection of his stories on Laura's Spanking Corner, Laura Werner writes:

"John Benson is one of the spanking newsgroup's most prolific, and best, writers. His stories are often a bit edgy, but they're almost always good."