Karl Ludwig Leonhardt

Bathing woman and Cupid, image from Leonhardt's collection.
Hand writing of Karl Ludwig Leonhardt, a quotation of Schopenhauer.

Karl Ludwig Leonhardt (1922-2007) was a German lector, translator, writer, head of the editorial office of the publishing company Bertelsmann, co-owner of Gala Verlag, and a connoisseur and collector of erotic books and erotic art. His personal library contained over 20.000 erotic works. He practically owned a copy of every erotic book printed in the 18th century, 19th century, and a large part of the 20th century.[1]

Leonhardt also wrote books about the history of erotic art and literature under the pseudonym Ludwig von Brunn, such as Ars Erotica in three volumes.

Selling of Leonhardt's collectionEdit

After Leonhardt's death, his unequalled collection was sold and auctioned. It also included spanking novels and spanking art.

  • 2009: French part of the collection auctioned at Pierre Bergé, Paris
  • 2012: German and other language part of the collection auctioned at Zisska+Schauer, Munich


The following are some examples of spanking art, by unknown artists, from Leonhardt's collection.


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